How to Restore Registry Backup in Windows 10

By On September 06, 2019

Microsoft recently announced that the regular backup used to perform backups on the system registry is no longer supported in Windows 10, starting from version 1803. This means you have to manually re-enable the feature to save the registry. The Windows Registry contains many low-level settings that control certain aspects of the operating system.

If you navigate to the C:WindowsSystem32configRegBack folder, you will see that each registry hive has been lost, if there is still any file inside it is 0 KB in size.

Last October OS stopped backup registry automatically even though the backup was reportedly completed. At that time, most users believed it was a bug, but Microsoft said the change was appropriate design and was a way to reduce the size of the Windows disk footprint as a whole.

However, the RegBack folder doesn't take up as much space, maybe just about a few hundred MB on most systems. In addition, there are cheaper storage options available today, so it makes sense if that's because most people don't use registry backups and those folders can get bigger with backups that are corrupted due to system errors.

Why Registry backups are required

When the Windows registry is corrupted, it can cause freezing, crashes, and boot failures, therefore why backup registry is very important. Backup Registry is also important when we try to troubleshoot errors, but Microsoft asks the user to rely on a system restore point for this purpose.

Microsoft also recommends to create a restore point before doing anything that can make the system can not be booted or not responding.

How to Restore Registry Backup

If you still want the registry backup, you must enable it manually using the edit registry by changing the value of the registry key. To do this:

  • Click the Search button next to the Start Menu icon on the lower left side of your screen.
  • Type regedit. exe and click on the search result that appears.
  • Navigate to the Registry key below:

HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerConfiguration Manager 

  • Right-click Configuration Manager or on the right pane and select New-DWORD (32-bit) Value.

  • And name it EnablePeriodicBackup. Rename it by right-clicking NewValue # 1 and selecting Rename.

  • Next click Doble on EnablePeriodicBackup and change the Value data to 1 (one).

  • If already, please Restart your PC.

After Restart, Windows will start backing up the registry to the RegBack folder starting at that time and creating a RegIdleBackup task to manage subsequent backups.

Although registry backups are important, they also need space on your system. Third-party backup solutions help you save space while still letting you access your files.

Can you restore a registry backup using these steps? Notify me in the comment field below. thanks

How to fix a Sound that doesn't work in Windows 10

By On September 04, 2019

Sound or sound is important. We all definitely agree if the sound becomes one of the main areas that you want to always work on your computer. As with all computer-related, the sound in Windows 10-whether integrated or not with a dedicated soundcard-tends to malfunction, and there may be a number of issues that occur.

In this article we will discuss some of the most important things that you should check on Windows 10 in order for your Sound to function again.

Use Playback Devices

Let's remove things that are obvious first. If you regularly switch between headphones, digital audio output, and your standard speakers, there is a chance you might dabble with the default sound output on your PC and not restore to normal settings (or maybe Windows tries For you).

To solve this, click on the Speaker icon in the lower right corner of the Windows taskbar (not set to Mute-kan?) and expand it by pressing the arrow, then click Playback your devices.

What is your speaker (or any audio output you want to use-look in the Audio device settings) have a green checklist next to them? If not, right-click the audio output of your choice and click Set as Default device.

Note: If you install Realtek HD Audio then use the settings in Realtek HD Audio-The mark is there will be two Speaker icons on the taskbar. If not use the sound settings from Windows.

Update your Sound drivers

If you do not get any sound, then the driver is wrong. Open Device Manager (search Device Manager using Search on the taskbar), then click Audio Input and output to see your brand sound card (if you use a sound card).

Right click on Speakers or your sound card, then do a routine check on whether Enabled, then click on Scan for hardware changes, and Update driver software, and Roll Back Driver.

You will also find the above option if you choose Properties when right click.

If the problem persists, you can remove the driver from the Device Manager, and then when you reboot your PC, Windows will reinstall it automatically, and hopefully it will return in good condition.

Update/Reinstall Sound Controller

Sound still not working? In Device Manager, open Sound, video and game controllers and see if you have something named IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. If not, uninstall all the devices you find here. (It will all be reinstalled later on automatically, so you don't have to worry about it).

If you see a codec, then do the following:

  • Right-click on the codec and click Update Driver Software.
  • Select Browse My computer for software drivers.
  • Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  • Under Model select High Definition Audio Device-Next-Yes.

Realtek HD Audio Manager Problems

This sound management Tools has been pre-packaged with many PCS that use Realtek sound drivers. (And a large number of them did.) Sometimes, however, it can cause problems. Open Realtek Sound Manager (there should be a megaphone icon in your system tray). And disable Front Panel audio port If you are not using it.

Sound is tricky, and although I'm pretty sure this fix will fix your problem, but there's always a chance your Windows 10 sound still isn't working. If that's the case. If you've found your own solution, share it with me and others, and I can add it in the list of fixes. Thanks 

Review The Nun (2018)

By On July 23, 2019

#TheNun (2018): 4/10

The Nun is the fifth film in The Conjuring Universe and the first chronologically in the series; The Nun first appearing in ‘The Conjuring 2’. A priest and a young Catholic novitiate, played by the real life younger sibling of ‘The Conjuring’s’ Vera Farmiga, investigate a nun suicide at a Romanian Abbey.

The film continues with the Universe’s theme of demonic possession, leading to the same supernatural and horror cliches, such as being forcibly locked in a coffin or separating the group in order to neutralise them individually. As for the scares, we’re fed the same stale jump-scare techniques that you have seen a thousand times before, and whilst they will always make you jump, you can’t help but feel they could’ve been a little more creative. Ironically, the most creative and scariest moment of the film was actually used for the film’s trailer, meaning there are no real surprises when it comes to that point in the film itself.

The character’s personalities and backstories are wafer-thin meaning we feel little for them once they are in trouble. The local townsman “Frenchie” even feels rather out of place to begin with, not unlike a narcissistic womaniser from a Disney film, before becoming more down to earth later in the piece.

Despite its decent special effects and make-up, The Nun adds to the growing number of disappointing horrors this year, which is a shame, particularly after the encouraging ‘Annabelle: Creation’. There is a nice link back to the main ‘Conjuring’ films at the conclusion of The Nun but this does little to redeem it’s poor quality.

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Review The Sisters Brothers (2018)

By On July 19, 2019

#TheSistersBrothers (2019): 7/10

Based on the novel of the same name and written and directed by Jacques Audiard (‘Rust And Bone’), Joaquin Phoenix (‘Her’) and John C. Reilly (‘Step Brothers’) are the Sisters brothers, hired guns working for the Commodore (Rutger Hauer). Set against the backdrop of the 1850’s at the height of the California Gold Rush, the film does not harbour the usual Hollywood gloss, instead it’s a gritty, ruthless piece with bloody gunslinging and a comedic undertone to boot.

Charlie Sister (Phoenix) is bolshy and full of himself, wanting to continue to lead his current life, and yet relies heavily on his brother Eli without ever really being appreciative of him, making us more than sympathetic towards the kind-hearted Eli (Reilly), who is just looking to retire and settle down; Reilly giving one of the best performances of his career. Each scene brings with it its own tensions, personified by Hermann Kermit Warm, played by Riz Ahmed (‘Venom’), who is more than reluctant to share his experimental method for prospecting with new acquaintance John Morris (Jake Gyllenhaal), who unbeknown to him is actually on a scouting mission for the Commodore also.

The film is both a slow-burning tale of redemption and an examination of moral ambiguity in a merciless time period for man, complimented by great performances and some even finer cinematography.

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Review Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

By On July 16, 2019

#CrazyRichAsians (2018): 7/10

Crazy Rich Asians is based on the novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan, and stars Constance Wu (‘Fresh Off The Boat’, ‘Sound Of My Voice’) as Rachel Chu, an Asian American who is invited to attend a family wedding with her boyfriend back in his native homeland of Singapore. Little does she know just how well off the family are and what it will take to be accepted by them, in particular her boyfriend’s strictly traditional mother, played by Michelle Yeoh (‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’).

The film is awash with picturesque locations, lavish parties, and worldie possessions; they’re a far cry from the average everyday life and standard of living, but whisk us away to a faraway paradise, a paradise and way of life we would all happily take tomorrow. The filming locations really are quite breathtakingly awesome.

The valuable lesson here though is that for all its feel-good factors, even this paradise is not without its problems. Chu, being an outsider, is accused of being a “gold digger” by some that could be considered rivals, whilst men not born into money are emasculated by the whole affair; Astrid, played by Gemma Chan (‘Humans’, ‘The Double’) feeling the effects of such a situation, and struggling to make things work with her disengaging husband.

The film does well to showcase both sides of the coin in equal measure. It is dramatic as it is funny, Peik Lin, played by Awkwafina (‘Ocean’s Eight’, ‘Bad Neighbours 2’) providing much of the comic relief, along with her reserved but peculiar brother. Each of the ensemble cast give a good account of themselves, which makes for a riveting two hours, a story that really draws you in and will resonate with viewers from a similar background, with an emotional payoff at the film’s conclusion.

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Review Blackfish (2013)

By On July 11, 2019

#Blackfish (2013): 7/10

Blackfish documents the shocking true story surrounding the untimely death of orca trainer Dawn Brancheau and details the key events that lead up to her killing by male orca Tilikum at Orlando Florida’s aquatic park SeaWorld in 2010.

For a documentary, Blackfish doesn’t half unsettle with some unnerving video footage and explanations from ex-employees describing the behaviour of the orcas on-screen. It even has a psychological thriller feel to it at points. Blackfish is clearly one-sided, but it’s hard to argue against its compelling argument from the actual footage and character recollections being offered up to the viewer throughout the documentary.

Whatever your views of the documentary and its opinions from those featured in the film though, it certainly does raise the same moral questions that need answering; should these animals be in captivity? Are big corporations taking animals from the wild for the animal’s benefit? On this evidence, the short answer would appear to be a resounding no.

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Cara Memperbaiki Monitor yang Tidak Hidup Setelah Sleep

By On July 06, 2019

Ketika monitor mulai menolak untuk hidaup dari sleep mode, kita akan mulai mencari tahu masalah ini dan dengan cepat menemukan bahwa kita tidak sendirian yang pernah mengalaminya. Bahkan, kita memperkiraan masalah yang sama sekali tidak ilmiah dimana tampaknya setiap orang menderita karena satu dan lain hal.

Sayangnya, tidak ada penyebab pasti untuk ini, jadi tidak ada solusi yang pasti tentunya. Namun, mengingat ini berhubungan dengan monitor dan juga pengaturan power, ada beberapa cara yang mungkin untuk menyelesaikan ini, dan saya akan membahas beberapa penyebab dan solusi paling populer untuk masalah kuno ini.

Nonaktifkan PLL Overvoltage (Untuk Motherboard ASUS)

Asus berurusan dengan banyak motherboard, dan sebagian besar mereka mengatasinya dengan cukup baik, tetapi ada beberapa keanehan pada mereka yang dapat menyebabkan hal-hal menjadi sedikit salah. Sebagai contoh, sebagian besar motherboard Asus modern memiliki fitur yang disebut "PLL Overvoltage" yang diaktifkan secara default. Ini adalah fitur untuk membantu meng-overclock CPU anda sedikit lebih banyak, jadi jika anda khawatir kehilangan ekstra beberapa ratus MHz dari komputer anda, anda mungkin ingin membiarkannya.

Tetapi jika ini penyebab yang membuat PC anda terus menerus Sleep, maka anda mungkin perlu mematikan fitur ini, dan untuk itu anda harus masuk ke BIOS.

  • Restart PC anda, lalu saat booting, tekan tombol Delete hingga layar BIOS muncul.
  • Sekarang, beberapa hal mungkin sedikit berbeda disini dari satu motherboard ke motherboard lain, tetapi untuk menemukan opsi, masuk ke Advanced Mode.
  • Selanjutnya, pilih AI Tweaker atau Extreme Tweaker atau yang sesuai dari opsi di bagian atas layar, lalu klik tombol drop-down di sebelah Internal PLL Overvoltage dan ubah ke OFF. Simpan pengaturan dan keluar dari BIOS.

Nonaktifkan Link State Power Management

Kadang-kadang, opsi power yang tampaknya bermanfaat di Windows, secara tidak sengaja menjaga hal-hal tertentu dalam keadaan tidak aktif bahkan ketika itu sudah pasti terjadi. Inilah cara memastikan power management tidak mengganggu monitor anda.
  • Buka Control Panel - Power Options lalu pilih Change plan settings untuk power plan yang saat ini anda gunakan.
  • Di halaman selanjutnya klik Change advanced power settings.
  • Selanjutnya, gulir ke bawah ke PCI Express, klik ikon + di sebelahnya untuk memperluas dan perluas juga Link State Power Management. Ubah Setting menjadi Off dengan menekan tombol drop-down dan setela itu klik OK.
  • Pada jendela Edit Plan Settings jangan lupa klik Save changes.

Nonaktifkan Auto-Detect pada Setting Monitor

Pilihan yang tampaknya sederhana tetapi bagus. Ketika monitor anda Sleep, koneksi antara itu dan kabel yang menghubungkannya terputus. Namun, untuk beberapa alasan konyol, ketika koneksi kembali tersambung (ketika anda mengeluarkan monitor dari Sleep mode), kadang-kadang monitor tidak membangun kembali koneksi tersebut meskipun kabel masih terhubung. Solusi yang mungkin untuk ini adalah dengan menggunakan tombol-tombol pada monitor anda untuk mematikan opsi auto-detect.

Salah satu solusi ini harus menyelesaikan masalah anda dengan hidupkan kembali monitor anda. Jika salah satu solusi tidak berhasil, coba yang berikutnya, dan ingatlah untuk mereset opsi untuk kembali ke pengaturan semula jika anda mengetahui bahwa itu bukan penyebab masalah. Semua fitur yang disebutkan di atas berguna bagi fitur itu sendiri, jadi jika setelah anda mengubahnya tetapi masalah tidak diatasi maka ubah kembali ke pengaturan semula.

Sekian tutorial kali ini, semoga bermanfaat. Jangan lupa berikan komentar anda dibawah untuk berbagi pengalaman dalam memperbaiki monitor yang tidak hidup setelah Sleep. Terimakasih dan GBU.